Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm back from WBC!!! I was in the pre-professional category this year, so I was the youngest in the group. I still got 2nd place in the girls though!!! But gold wasnt awarded to girls this year so I got bronze again and a $750 cash prize. I also got 2 scholarships! One was for a full year at Pittsburg Ballet Theater. The other is a summer intensive scholarship to Festival Ballet Providence, with potential for trainee. I can't do that intensive though because this summer I will be going to Orlando Ballet School since I got a scholarship for it last year. I guess that is just about it!!! Before Orlando I performed in my studios spring performance and the next day left to compete at WBC. I just got back to my home in Phoenix today but I won't be staying here for long!! On Saturday I will be leaving again to compete in china! Then the day after I come back(I will be there for two weeks) I'm going to be in Orlando again for summer intensive. Well, that is my summary of the most important things that happened since I last posted!!(: hopefully I will buy pictures and videos from WBC soon to share!(:


  1. WOW!!!! that's absoltely fantastic news :-) great results and a really busy year for you, best of luck to you in China and I can't wait to hear how you do, very much looking forward to all of your news and can't wait to see your pictures and videos :-)
    What an amazing blog from an amazing young dancer:-)
    Good Luck :-)