Sunday, January 1, 2012

Long time no posts?

Well, no, I haven't quite forgotten about writing posts, but I have been busy!
I finished the Nutcracker performances at the Orpheum Theatre with sucess(for the most part)
Hope everyone had a very good holiday whether Hannakuh, Christmas, Kuanza(mispelled?)and/or any other holiday you celebrate(: Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2012 is here and this year will be busy as ever!
I'll be going back to YAGP, and WBC. I am also going to Germany this year in February to compete. I'm really excited! My variations this year are Kitri, Harlequinade, Coppelia, and a contemporary piece, Incredible Love choreographed by Marty Naugle.
Hopefully this year I will update just a bit more?
Well that's all for now, I WILL write soon(:
Pictures:Doll from the Nutcracker, In the studio practicing Kitri, and Incredible Love contemporary piece.