Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, bad news. On Thursday, I twisted my knee in class and ended up tearing my meniscus. It's not a bad tear(thank you god) but I went to a bone and joint specialist and he suggested to stay off of it for about 4 weeks. The problem is.....well I'm supposed to compete in china and I'm leaving tonight. So instead of competing, I will just watch the competition and be there for a vacation mostly. I will probably earn even more experience there now that I'm going to see all the dancers that made it into this competition. I might try taking an easy class there but it'll depend on how my knee feels. Yesterday I had ultrasound as well as a nice treatment(including tape, biofreeze, and ice). I'm going to do that again today before I go on the airplane(for 15 hours!). Well, at least this gives me a chance to take a BUNCH of pictures(since I never have time to during most competitions I go to) I hope it'll heal fast so I can dance really soon!

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  1. u r so amazing!! it is alexa btw. how did u twist it?